To attend to this workshop, you will need to be equipped with:

  • A working computer

  • An internet connection, fast if possible


It will be easier if you already have some skills concerning the following items:

  • Be comfortable coding and working with the terminal

    • Navigating directories and editing files

    • Basic bash knowledge (such as creating and manipulating environment variables)

    • Being able to issue simple curl commands

    • Being a YAML friendly developer

You will be guided throughout the workshop with code snippets and copy-paste ready command lines so relax 😇
  • Some basic experience with Docker

    • Knowing how to issue simple RUN and PULL commands

    • Ideally, having some experience with reading and/or writing a Dockerfile

It’s perfectly fine if you do not consider yourself a docker jedi master!
  • Be acquainted to Kubernetes

    • Understanding the concepts and goals of container orchestration

    • Having some practice experience with kubectl to deploy services, get logs, describe pods etc…​

    • Ideally, you have notions about the meaning of canary deployment, A/B testing, rolling updates and traffic splitting and you know it can be difficult to implement

  • Be eager to test a cloud environment such as Google Cloud Platform

    • Having already played with it, or with another cloud provider

    • Being comfortable working with a remote terminal environment, such as Google Cloud Shell

    • Or having some know-how working with cloud identity to issue commands from your computer directly (you will then need to install gcloud, gsutil, kubectl etc…​)

We recommend you to go with the Google Cloud Shell approach to avoid loosing time with the installation of the required tools